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‘Moonrise over the Sea’ (1822) by Caspar David Friedrich April 9, 2009

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Nobody definitely would call Caspar David Friedrich the greatest painter of all times, or even of his 19th-century. It is definite, as well, that any criterion of greatness does not exist, except one’s personal taste and preferences.

I would call Caspar David Friedrich one of my favourite painters. And his ‘Moonrise over the Sea‘ is one of my favorite paintings, maybe the most loved one. It depicts a small group of people on the coast of cold northern sea late in the evening. You can imagine that these women and a man are close relatives or friends spending their free time together. It is too dark to read, to late to speak. They left their home and made their way towards the sea. They made themselves comfortable on a boulder and watched the sea, the moon over the sea, sailing ships. Quiet picture of non-existent epoch and old-fashioned way of spending time.

Moonrise over the Sea


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